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Cubis for Pocket PC 1.30

This game is a mix of a puzzle-shooter (such as Bust-a-Move) and Bejeweled
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Cubis is another interesting puzzle game for Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices by Astraware. This game is a mix of a puzzle-shooter (such as Bust-a-Move) and Bejeweled. In this game you must put together 3 or more cubes of the same colour to make them explode. The aim of the game is to explode as many cubes as possible until we reach a goal which is stated at the begining of each stage.
There are two game modes, Arcade and Puzzle. In both modes we have to reach a number of exploded cubes before time runs out. The main difference between them is that in puzzle mode we have less time and we have to think a bit more our moves. In addition to this in puzzle mode we must reach a number of star cubes exploded, so normal cubes don't count.
While playing Cubis we'll come across different cubes that cause different consecuences, such as star blocks, sledges, rocks, and many other.
The game is a good job in terms of graphics, sound, music and interfaces.
Shareware version is a full featured version which you will only be able to play a few times.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Good graphics
  • Good music


  • Becomes boring really fast
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